High-Risk Investment

Forex margin trading involves risks associated with changes in political conditions, economic factors, acts of nature, and other factors. These factors affect the prices of currencies or even their availability for trading.

Speculative trading is a challenging prospect, even for experienced traders who understand all the involved risks. Only funds that would not affect a trader’s financial well-being should be involved in trading.

Forex trading works differently than conservative investment methods. A trader should know that if the market continuously moves against their position, all deposited funds may be lost.

Other risks

We do not guarantee the volume you can trade with or the profits you can make with any portfolio of instruments at any moment in time.

When using a financial instrument, the client should recognize and accept that they run a high risk of losses and damages. They should also declare that they are willing to take this risk.

Clients should only invest in financial instruments if they know and comprehend the risks associated with each financial instrument.

Web Trading Risks

There are certain risks due to the nature of internet-based trading, including the failure of hardware, software, and internet connection. Since we do not control internet providers, their equipment and technology, internet connection speed or reliability, configuration of your equipment or reliability of its connection, we cannot be responsible for communication failures, distortions, or delays when trading via the internet.

Software risks

The DOYOS Trader and MetaTrader 5 trading software use a sophisticated order entry mechanism and order tracking system. We do our best to execute your orders at a price requested. Internet trading does not necessarily reduce risks associated with currency trading. All quotes and trades are subject to the terms and conditions of our Customer Agreement.

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